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It is not easy to find suitable wall lamps if you like a modern design. These Giotto Wall Lamps are available in 3 sizes and you can choose from cool white LED light (4000 k) or warm white LED light (3000 k).
You can also order a dimming function at the same time, which will then be installed by the factory and you will receive a remote control with your lamp.
Of course, 1 wall lamp is very nice in a hallway or near a staircase, but this lamp is ideal for combining the 3 sizes on the wall. In our collection you will also find a pendant lamp version of this lamp, in 3 sizes.
Besides beautiful in your interior, at home, the lamp is extremely suitable for project design, such as an office, hallways in a hotel or a stairwell.
And to make it even more complete, the lamp can be ordered with a controller and a remote control.
Brand: Slide Design
Model: Giotto Wall lamp
Material: Polyethylene
For larger numbers please ask us for the prices

Medium: Ø 80 / Height: 7 cm
Large: Ø 110 / Height: 7 cm
XL: Ø 140 / Height: 7 cm
Extra information:
Cool White LED light: 4000K
Warm White LED light: 3000 K
To order extra: Can be ordered separately: controller with remote control, can only be ordered together with the lamp, the lamp is immediately adjusted to this in the factory and can therefore not be placed afterwards.

Delivery time more or less 2 – 4 weeks after ordering, unless otherwise stated.

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